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"Forge To Prevail" 2008 Figures(edit 2:10 / 3.0MB)
Movement To End
Silence Gives Consent (edit 2:20 / 3.4MB)
Fellows In Misery (edit 2:10 / 3.0MB)
There Shall Be Ways

"The Prevention Of Loss" 2004 Back To Fate (3.9MB)
Armination (4.3MB)
Hazardous Parasites (4.1MB)
My Love
The Shadows We Throw
Grievous Residence

"One Man System" 2001 Isolation Scheme (5.0MB)
One Man System (2.8MB)
Dull (2.4MB)
No Fortitude (2.6MB)

Back To Fate Nukstock 2004 (19.7MB)
Hazardous Parasites Rodnost 2005 (20.9MB)
Illusion Günnyval 2005 (26.7MB)
There Shall Be Ways Groß Behnitz 2005 (24.2MB)

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