+++ 08.12.2008 +++

January is becoming hard! "Brutal new year", so called on our
upcoming Mini-Tour with FLESHLESS and BEAUTIFUL CAFILLERY.
We're not only heading for well known locations, but also attempt
to the Czech Republic for the first time.
The SCAVENGErs wish you a calm x-mas
and a happy new year 'till there! Don't forget: STAY HEAVY!

+++ 09-01-2008 +++

New EP now for 5 flobby Euros for sale in "Merch", as everywhere,
we're playing live! Edits to three tracks in "Media - Music"!

+++ 07-21-2008 +++

The new EP "FORGE TO PREVAIL" is made!!
Official release is August, the 29th 2008 (Nukstock Festival)!
You can find all information under "Merch". There is a very first check

Further edits to some tracks will follow after the release under
"Media - Music", as on myspace.com!

+++ 06-30-2008 +++

It is almost done! All recordings are made.
We are working at sound and artwork eagerest.
It won't take long anymore now!

+++ 05-13-2008 +++

...Rome was't built in a day...
Do you give credit to this proverb, it should become a mega-slice indeed.
As a matter of fact - again because of job and education - it could be
labored at the recordings one time after the other just sporadically.
Nonetheless Schrimbo at the bass and Haggis at the guitar
managed to bring in their parts now and clear the mic's for
Schurkes and Rolands growls, to finish the recordings finally.
After that mastering and artwork will follow and last but not least
the stamping plant, so that we are unfortunately not able to give you an
exact deadline for release by now. But it's making progress!

+++ 02-06-2008 +++

Since last sunday is the the sixth song by Lars and Roland recorded. Schrimbo and Haggis at bass and guitar will follow.

+++ 01-02-2008 +++

The new album is being made. Previous results are more than satisfactory. Unfortunately we are not able to give you an exact deadline for release, but we will inform you about all progress of recording and mastering: (Further information about the other protagonists will follow soon.)

During Haggis operates the controllers with great encouragement and checks again and again take for take, of course Lars is starting as he is the drummer. It is brought in by click! To prevent wasteful cutting, particularly the drums have to match! With referencetrack in the ear he drums concentrated song for song, beat for beat on the harddisks until everything meets the high claim.
It's Roland's turn on the guitar afterwards. Same things valid here: Cutting as less as possible and "tight" on Lars' drums please! After about four hours of setting the sound and further 23 hours of bringing the stuff in, five of six planned titles are finally recorded in four days and he can indulge in a beer and booze exhausted, but pleased. (Of course, he was drinking too during recording, but just secretly!)

+++ 11-20-2007 +++

Because of many, many spams in the old guestook, we've put on a new one. Hereto again the compulsory hint, that advertisements and spams are not wanted. We are pleased about any event-information as well as about many further entries from you of course!

+++ 02-08-07 +++

You can watch the report of our band in Dresden-TV on Sunday, 11th of Feb. at 6:00pm and 10:30pm.

+++ 12-15-06 +++

Yeah, we know, the list of the "coming gigs" recently has been quite short. The cause for this isn’t us having lost interest in you, our great audience, but for several reasons the situation is a bit difficult: Since two years now our programme has showed up in this typical form, which some people already maybe used to. - Of course, we’ve noticed this, too. As all members of the band have to fulfil their "main tasks", which means either going to work or study or doing their training for a job, it’s hardly possible to give several concerts per month and to puzzle over new songs in the rehearsal room at the same time. However, times will change, again. According to the sum of all these facts we’ve made up a summary for us and for you: Less gigs, more new songs. Therefore, please, excuse our brief absence from stage! - You won’t regret it! (Who thinks to detect the subtle promise of planning a new SCAVENGE album in these words isn’t quite wrong in his/her assumption!)

+++ 12-09-06 +++

We thank Sarah Vetter from SAEK for creating a video clip about our band. The shooting days were really interesting and informative for us and, of course, we’ve had a lot of fun, too. In this context it’s worth mentioning that the producers of this page had nearly decided for a new column (next to, for example, "Pic Of The Month" or "Joes Plattentipp" [Joe`s Record Tip] in the forum) which would have been called "Haggis Zitate" [Quotations of Haggis]! The idea came up after an interview, in which he had been asked how he had found today’s rehearsal. To this he had answered (among others): "...a relatively creative undertaking in a small frame..." - we almost died laughing. Further information about this topic (slots, a link to our little movie etc.) will be shortly available!

+++ 10-14-06 +++

We’ve been to a photographer. Or to put it in a more correct way, the photographer has come to us. Or maybe we’ve met in the middle? - Well, however - from now on there’s a new column called "Promotion" under "Media->Pics". Here you can download some selected pictures in different sizes and use them as wall paper or for developing flyers, reports or for whatever fucking crazy idea that comes to your mind!

+++ 09-16-06 +++

Our bass player Nils has left us!
After our performance in the Headbanger we definitely had to part with a heavy heart! Dear Nils, we wish you all the best, much success and good luck for your future way through life. - In any case it’s been lots of fun performing with you on various stages!! Nonetheless we have found a more than worthy successor with Mister Sebastian "Schrimbo" Smie! After a short time of practising now the show can go on! Further information about our new buddy you can find in the sector about the band!

+++ 03-04-06 +++
Review to Dawn Of Norms Tour by Lars

Day 1 - Rosenau / Bayreuth
It’s been a nice feast in Bayreuth. This time almost 70 people visited the Rosenau. It started (on time) at 9 p. m. with the local act The Gadfly Dialogue - with a mixture between Straight Edge Hardcore and Bollo the guys opened the evening. Though being a bit clumsy and very nervous at their first live performance, the boys could reap good resonances from the audience. Shortly after that the band Warspite from Freiberg beat the stage to bits. The singer Andy left no time for breathing in his songs and not a single minute for relaxing. Finally we started playing at about 11 p. m. ... in front of a smashing audience in Bayreuth - it’s a pleasure any time we play there. At long last the local heroes Mindtrap made themselves comfortable on the stage. As usually the four were quite confused and totally gaga... a complete chaos ruled the hall and hardly any person could stand still despite the high time (12 p. m./0.30 a. m.). Additionally there had been some interruptions and the performance of the Franconians became a bit lengthy. Unfortunately, our Polish competitors - Alienacja - had to cancel their concert on the first day because of a defect car and we hoped to see them on the second touring day which was still totally in the dark at this moment. At about 2 a. m. we said goodbye to the Rose and around 4.30 a. m. we arrived back at home.

Day 2 - EAC / Freiberg
Unpleasantly we had a few technical problems on that day, thus the sound check was delayed and the programme had to be postponed. Finally it didn’t really matter - the first people came at about 8 p. m. and could leisurely have a beer, before the concert began. Punctually at 10 p. m. we started into the second DAWN OF NORMS evening. Approximately 170 people occupied the EAC almost completely. On the second day we could win our mates of Mortal Agony as backup. They started shattering the stage at 10.45 p. m. - they have a harsh grind and are really worth seeing them. As usually both singers tossed over the stage and the audience - up to the obligatory breakdown. When finally about 25 long-haired head bangers were invited to the stage, there was no holding and anybody’s blood was boiling. Around 12 p. m. Warspite began with their typical thunderstorm. At this point I briefly wanna throw in a comment: Andy, the singer of Warspite, got hurt during our gig intending to stage dive. For all that he stood on the stage 1 1/2 hour later - in fact his face was contorted with pain and ice was fixed at his foot, but he performed just as professionally with the micro on the stage as on the day before in Bayreuth. The crowd of metal groupies staggered back and forth and there was no end of that evening in sight - a concert like hell!!! Andy later was brought to hospital and got the diagnosis of a fractured calf leg ... so all my respect, brother! When finally around 0.30 a. m. our friends of Alienacja from Warsaw entered the stage (having spent hours of phoning in order to get a car, so that they could at least play in Freiberg), the EAC club was close to getting smashed to pieces. It’s been an awesome show of the Polish people and the evening found its dignified end with a totally wicked band. At about 1.30 a. m. a soft disco music was heard sliding through the hall and everybody left the location with a satisfied smile - except for Andy, of course, but he’ll soon be back on his feet, again. Once more we like to say thank you to all the involved people, bands and locations that have made possible those two days of the DAWN OF NORMS tour in such a way as we’ve experienced it. Furthermore, overwhelming greetings go to: Alienacja, Warspite (+ backline in FG), Mortal Agony (+ equipment in BT), Mindtrap (+ backline in BT) and The Gadfly Dialogue as well as Rosenau in Bayreuth and Wulfgäng (print of posters and flyers), the EAC crew and Fischi... terrific catering, Matze (equipment), Dothy (design of posters and flyers), K?tty (taking pictures in FG), Marie and Ede (responsible for the video recording in FG), Paddy (Merch in FG), Katja (responsible for the inlet in FG) and all the other people who’ve taken part in the realisation of this event. Thank you very much!

+++ 08-02-06 +++

Now we can even offer an English version of our homepage, so its news sector will hopefully fill quickly. And, please, forgive us one or another mistake on those pages.